Alex Kelly (b. 1988, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago) holds a BA in Visual Arts from the University of West Indies, where he teaches in the Department of Creative and Festival Arts and is currently pursuing a MA in Cultural Studies, through visual arts practice.

Kelly has exhibited locally in spaces such as Alice Yard, Granderson Lab, and the National Academy for Performing Arts, and internationally in Oranjestad, Aruba (2015), Caracas, Venezuela (2017) and Dundee, Scotland (2018).

He was invited to the Caribbean linked 3 residency in Aruba (2015), Fresh Milk International Residency in Barbados (2016) and the Beta Local Harbour residency in Puerto Rico (2016). In late 2016, Kelly joined See You on Sunday, an artist collective dedicated to furthering arts education. He has since participated in the planning and execution of their educational programming. 

Kelly’s work focuses on the intersections of gender, race, class, and power in the formation of identity and social attitudes.

“It comes like a mango. A mango will grow big. You will wait six weeks, but it will not ripe. It will wait until three months to ripe, so even if children look big they still young and not mature”.

-Maria Jadoo-Villafana