2016: Katherine Kennedy “Closing the Gap,” Schlosspost, November 2016

 2016: Richard Mark Rawlins “Out of the blue,” Draconian Switch, October 2016

2016: Marsha Pearce “The Art of Prolonged Perception,” Y Art Gallery, July 2016

2016: Natalie McGuire”Linking the intangible: Reflections on Caribbean Linked III,” ARC Magazine, January 2016

2015: Richard Mark Rawlins, ISSUE 7 – Special Issue November/December 2015, Moko Magazine December 2015

2015: “Artist explores ‘Force Ripe’ T&T,” Trinidad and Tobago Guardian, September 2015.

2015: “Something,Something Community, Artist text,, September 2015

2014: Marsha Pearce, “Features: 10 Highlights of the UWI Visual Arts Degree Exhibition 2014”, ARC Magazine, May 2014

2013: “Newbie”, Draconian Switch, issue 19, January 2013

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